Visiting A Nordic Spa For The First Time? Here’s Your Guide!

The world of exotic wellness centers has evolved considerably in recent years. In all likeliness, you have heard about a dozen of new terms, although most of these are age-old forms of relaxation and rejuvenation. Nordic spa, also called Spa Nordique, Finnish Spa, or Finnish Sauna, is the new trend from northern Europe. There are selected spa centers all over the globe, where you can experience Nordic spa sessions, which is essentially a mix of hot followed by cold therapy. If you are new to this and are visiting a Nordic spa for the first time, here are some of the things you need to know.

What exactly is Nordic spa?

Nordic spa is related to thermotherapy, also called as Nordic hydrotherapy by many due to the involvement of water. Thermotherapy has been in practice in northern Europe for the longest time and is basically an alternating therapy that involves hot and cold temperatures. There are varied benefits of Nordic spa experience, including boost to the immune system, relaxation of the muscles, improvement of blood circulation, detoxification and skin benefits. Like most spa treatments, Nordic spa is also great for your mind and soul, and after every experience, you will feel calmer and more relaxed than before.

Things to know

While the health benefits of sauna is well known, it is not recommended for people who have cardiovascular diseases. Make sure that you book your experience in advance, because Nordic spas only accept selected bookings. The spas and wellness centers are usually located at exotic places, and calmness, serenity and relaxation are important to get the full benefits of the spa. You can follow up a thermal experience with a massage, which is not always included when a spa mentions Nordic session. Nordic spas coupled with massages work wonders for the skin, joints and muscles, especially if you are into physical activities and sports.

The whole experience

Nordic spa usually starts with a hot experience, following which you can enjoy a cooling session, typically in an outdoor pool. A massage can be considered right after as we mentioned, but some people like to alternate hot and cold therapies for at least a few times before opting for the massage. This is because the change in temperatures works perfectly for the body and offers relief from pain and aches.

You can check online to find more on Nordic spas in your city!

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