How Do You Find Hair Transplant Cost

The noticeable hair loss or baldness needs a significant number of grafts as well as the technique/method to sort out the issue in the most aesthetic manner and so the cost is decided. The hair transplant cost is a dynamic factor that varies from one patient to another depends on the patient’s physiological as well as the anatomical status. However, it is a considering matter in the restoration fraternity to decide the cost.

The cost calculator is also used to decide the cost as it is rated on the basis of the present Norwood grade of the patient’s baldness.

Usually, the cost of the hair transplant in India comes under the reasonable decision than the procedure cost applicable in the western world countries. However, it is always the best decision to choose the procedure in India.

In this article, we will describe the determinative factor that influences the cost of the hair transplant procedure are as follows:

  1. The Present Norwood Grade: The Norwood scale is the scientifically proven scale to measure the grade of baldness. It has 7 categories that describe the extent of hair loss. The NW-I, II or III is the lesser grade that needs the minimum number of grafts until there is no need for the high-density packed hair transplant. As much as the grade is increasing, the need for the number of grafts would be increased and hence the cost of the procedure influences. However, the Norwood grade of baldness directly influences the cost of the procedure.
  2. The Method used to extract the Hair Roots: Whether the practiced technique of the procedure is FUT or FUE, it influences or accelerate the price of the procedure. Generally, the cost of the FUT technique is lesser than FUE and is most popular in India. Thus the cost of the procedure in India falls under the budget-cost option. On the other hand, the strip or FUT method of the surgery gives the best outcomes in terms of the number of grafts, high-density hair transplant as well as performing the Mega/Giga session; therefore it is the most acceptable technique in the hair transplant procedure.
  3. The Demand for High-density Hair Transplant: To fulfil the need for a high-density hair transplant, it is necessary to perform a mega/Giga hair transplant that may require either the strip method or the combined technique of the FUT+FUE hair transplant results in a higher cost of the procedure. Therefore, the need and expectation in the surgery accelerate the cost and thus it is a calculative task for every case of baldness with every individual.
  4. The Expertise of the Surgeon: It is a well-known fact that the expertise and experience of the surgeon matter most in the hair transplant surgery due to the involvement of the artistic part more than that of the surgical concern. Thus, while choosing the procedure destination one must think regarding the surgeon’s qualifications, experience, and expertise. The expertise surgeon, obviously charges a higher cost than the normal cosmetic surgeon that ensures us about the utmost aesthetic effect of the surgery.

So, it is always recommended to choose the procedure after getting assured with the surgeon’s expertise and experience as it makes worthy to receive the procedure with an available budget option.

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